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Custom oil paintings; Portrait Painting from a Photo

Custom oil paintings; Portrait Painting from a Photo

Many people have dream of having portraits of themselves painted. It may even not be a portrait of yourself or anyone, it may be a picture of something you like, something that holds a lot more value to you. Today, taking a picture of something or someone that you want painted is as simple as it gets. The painter will hand draw a replica of the picture only it will be in the form of a painting rather than a digital production. There are many forms of painting, the custom oil painting is however one of the best ways to get things done well. Painters prefer his mode of painting because oil paints dry by oxidation and are thus much slow. The slow drying allows a painter to layer more so that the image becomes a replica of life and looks more like those paintings made from the olden times.

Custom oil paintings are a great way to make your house look vintage and have the feel of age and modernity at the same time. Even after years of being used and while other methods of producing paints have died out and been replaced with newer methods, oil paintings still remain one of the most popular portrait producing methods both in the 20th and the 21st century. This is probably due to their ability to last long and beat age and environmental factors.

Although popular, getting a good oil painter is rare and very tiresome. There are very few people who can produce quality paintings using oil in the world. As a result, many have had to search long and wide and pay expensively to get the paintings done by a professional and delivered to them. This search, though truly valid must end. It is the reason why we, have decided to find an easier way and a cheaper one for you to order and get your portraits delivered.

Did you know that over 80% of all portrait paintings from the worlds famous online art galleries originated from our oil painters who are located in Xiamen china? Well, now you know. Our painters are experienced in the creation of custom oil paintings. They only need to see your picture and they will do the magic for which they have a passion for. They have been trained by the best to ensure quality and that is why world famous art galleries contract us to produce images for them.

Custom oil paintings; Portrait Painting from a Photo

It no longer has to cost you very much to get the portrait paintings. We care about your finances and know how much it would cost you to get the paintings from other contractors who use our painters. For this reason, we have decide to reduce our production prices and give you free shipping. This will ensure that with the extra money, you could have used in shipping and paying other contractors may be added into getting another portrait. The truth is that you can never have enough paintings in your home. Compare our prices with the prices of other people and see for yourself. We also guarantee that the painting you receive will be of the highest quality.