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>>>Unique gift ideas-Portrait Painting:


unique gift idea- portrait painting

Portrait Painting for Birthday Present:

It's quite difficult to choose a birthday gift. For expensive one, we can not afford; for cheap one, we are embarassed to get it out; for meaningful one, it may not be creative enough; for local specialty, it will not be grade enough; for shopping card, it's not meaningful enough. Now you can try our creative idea, turn his or her photo to oil painting as the most creative and meaningful gift.

Portrait Painting for New Born Baby or Children's Day:
Child grows very fast, we can not let our children in a certain age forever. But a child portrait painting can always make a child's good time stay in a certain age forever. In recent years, baby portrait painting is very popular in family. Now I would like to share an example of child portrait painting on blog. I believe there is no better gift to our parents or grandparents than child portriat painting, they will be happy and surprised to see portrait painting of their grandchild.

Portrait Painting for Present on Valentine's day:
For some persons, it will be shy to express their love to their lovers. It's better to send him or her a portrait painting turned from his or her photo and all can be understood. We can also paint portrait painting with 2 lovers.

Portrait Painting for Wedding gift:
What is proper gift on silver wedding, happy loving period, holidays?
Love is the most beautiful encounter in our life; marriage is the most sacred combination in our life.
Record and collect your love with a custom oil painting that stands for elegance and eternity, leave all the warmth and touch in your heart. The oil painting will witness your happiness, bless your love and combination.
On loving period or valentine's day, on wedding time or engagement' day, on your wedding anniversary or your parents' wedding anniversary, photos to wedding portrait painting can be the most suitable present.  It' better to have 2 pcs to parent and parents in law, they can acompany them when we are not in their side.

Portrait Painting for Christmas Gift:

On Christmas day, children may be especially super excited because their expectations are what they want to unlock colorful gift packages that stored under the Christmas tree. But for adults, most of the time it becomes difficult to choose the right gift because we do not know what kind of gift can make them happy . Sometimes , when we are in the gift shop, we are usually flooded with so many choices, it is difficult to know which one to choose.

So, what kind of gift is unique one? I have heard many people mention that handmade gifts are better. They have tried a variety of toys and know that handmade toy is a good idea. Here we recommend you a better idea, hand made portrait painting, turn the kid photos into kids portrat painting. It will be a creative and unique gift for the kids, they will be excited to see it.


Portrait Painting for Mother's Day:

The most meaningful gift for Mother' day - portrait painting for grandma.
Mother day is a good oppotunity for us to express our love to our mother. For most of us, we always busy in our job and seldom come back to stay with them. On the special day for Mother's day, give them a portrait painting turned from our or her photo will be a good gift for her. When we are not in her side, she can see the painting when she miss us. She will be happy to have the special and meaningful gift.


Portrait Painting for Father's Day:

What is suitable gift for Father's day? In fact, no matter what gift you give to his father, he will be very happy. Perhaps he will never use his gift from you, or can not remember what kind of gift it is, but he is sure happy to receive your gift.

For father, gift is just a formality. But maybe it will be a different situation if we give him a special gift. You can send him a portrait painting turned from his photo. When he see this creative gift, he will be happy and hang it on his room. So it will be a meaningful thing to send him such kind of portrait painting as gift.


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