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What We Do

Portraitpaintingshop-A professinal portrait studio & Direct supplier We are one of the earliest leading oil paintings service in China. The company is comprised of high-quality, experienced portrait artists who have been painting for a number of years. Portraitpaintingshop is located in one of the largest oil painting cities in the world, Wushipu, Oil Painting Village, Xiamen, China. We create oil paintings from your favorite photographs. Each of our products is hand painted by experienced artist.

Our Artists and Products

All our artists have exceptional knowledge and experience in oil paintings.
All our oil paintings are 100% hand painted from scratch by skilled artists. We do not use any computer process techniques. Our artist will restore the original texture and brush strokes according to their experience and understanding.
The artists work for us are well selected and most are more than 5 years painting experience, for the portrait painting they are even over 15 years experience. Our artists all experienced, talented individuals, most of which have graduated from college or university. They tend to specialize in a particular style, such as impressionism or portraiture. For example, one of the artists here does wonderful highly detailed town or building paintings but can't do a portrait painting to save his life!


Most orders can be delivered in about 2 weeks. For more complicated or oversized paintings, deliver time will be longer. During holiday season, deliver time may be affected too. Normally the painting is shipped in a mailing tube.

Return Policy

Providing high quality products is our goal. We have strict quality control to ensure our customer to get the best quality product. Our service is completed only when a customer is totally satisfied. Each painting is custom made for you, and just for you. If you are unsatisfied with the painting for any reason, please return painting within 15 days of receiving for 85% refund. (The painting must be in its original condition. Shipping cost and additional service are non-refundable.)

Customer Service

We are dedicated to provide high quality products and superior service. Our artists put a lot of attention to every detail. We spend time on searching the paintings the customer inquires about, and every answer we provide is as accurate and complete as possible.